Our Core Beliefs

  1. Government is (can be) what we do together. Government can and should represent and serve the people in our communities, but it will only do that if we get involved and make it relevant to our communities’ needs.
  2. Change start at the local level. Starting with Newark lets us connect directly with users and allows us to impact people’s lives faster.
  3. We strive for impact at scale. We seek to demonstrate government working better for millions of Americans. The two biggest levers for improving people’s lives at scale are technology and government–we put them together, to solve some of America’s biggest challenges.
  4. We create change by doing. We make the change we want to see real as fast as possible, building visible product, and building trust and buy-in as we deliver results. (The strategy is delivery? Show the thing?)
  5. We meet user needs. We must also take care of government needs, like various forms of compliance, in order to do our work, but we privilege user needs, articulated through research with real people to understand their experiences, and ensure that services are designed to work for them.
  6. We are continuously improving. We start small and get a working product into people’s hands as early as possible, test with users frequently, and make continuous improvements based on feedback. (this could fall in with meet user needs)
  7. We work in the open. We build open source technology, we invite participation and feedback, and we share what we are learning along the way. While we always lean towards open, we are pragmatic enough to adopt a proprietary approach when it supports the safety of our users, or the outcomes that we seek.
  8. We support public servants to serve the public. The choice to work in government is often a selfless one. We honor and those who work hard help people in their communities through government. Our job is to help them do that better, not here to replace them.
  9. Government should work for all Newark residents, not just those with access to power and resources. We define “citizen” as someone who shows up for their community, not by legal status.
  10. Our organization and our community should reflect the diversity of the country. The problems we face cannot be solved unless a greater number and diversity of people become involved in civic life and have input into critical community issues.
  11. Government as a platform means working with a diverse ecosystem of partners and contributors – We partner with community based organizations and government institutions that have the expertise in the challenges that we are trying to solve, we know that we can’t do this alone, and that we are stronger together.

We help government work for the people who need it most – We focus on improving services for the most vulnerable in our society.

We are Code for Newark.